How to design a logo that everyone remembers

According to experts, it is essential to create a logo that is simple and easy to remember. Why? The answer is blunt: you only have 8 seconds to attract the attention of your potential client.

With so much daily bombardment of information and advertisements, human attention span has been reduced to just 8 seconds. It could be said that brands have it much more difficult now because, in addition, there is an incessant proliferation of competitors and alternatives to advertise.

The logo plays an important role, as it is a powerful marketing tool, often undervalued by brands and companies. A good logo can do much more for a brand than paid advertising on social media, corporate videos, and specialized blogs. Know what you must take into account to create a simple and memorable logo for your business.

Simplify as much as possible and avoid complex designs at all costs

If we say Nike to you, it is very likely that you will immediately think of the approval symbol that is part of its respective logo. There is already a perfect association between the symbol used for the logo and the brand.

This proved something very important: most people know and manage to associate the apple with a bite as a symbol of the Apple, but, perhaps precisely because of the current 8-second rule of people’s attention, it is very difficult to remember the exact details of the logo image.

If this happens to one of the most recognizable logos in the world, imagine what could happen to a logo of any brand or new business that has not been simplified? Herein lies the importance of staying out of complex logo designs. The simpler, the more memorable.

The logo must clearly inform what the business offers

Another relevant factor to achieve a simple logo is that it must fulfill its function of informing potential customers what the business is about and what it offers. It should be self-explanatory.

The logo design should be simple, but at the same time it should enclose a message and communicate it in a powerful way, as well as stand out from the competition.

Only when the logo strongly and clearly reflects the intention of the business, can the brand be successfully promoted openly.

The logo must accompany a quality product or service

It will not have been worth investing in a simple and easy-to-remember logo if the quality of the product or service is still not ideal. No matter how good the logo is, if the product is poor, there will be no good results.

Ensuring that the product or service meets minimum quality standards is crucial. Once this is achieved, the next thing is to focus on managing a good advertising budget to promote the brand.

A good strategy that helps your brand be recognized through the logo is the sponsorship of social responsibility initiatives and games and recreational activities, or investing in paid advertising on social networks and traditional media.

If you still have doubts, look at it this way: brands like McDonald’s, Google, Pepsi and Coca-Cola already evoke images of their respective logos in everyone’s mind, just by mentioning them.